This is one picture of one of my horses with my butterfly
saddle.  I will get more next week of my other horses.  I love
the saddle. It fits all three of my horses and they are all built
differently.  Thanks for making such a great saddle!
I just wanted to let you know how much Smokey & I
like the Dixieland butterfly saddle.  I've ridden it
twice already for team penning competitions.  The
close contact design is great for fast turns and
swift lateral movements for working cattle in the
I bought the Dixieland saddle especially for team
sorting and penning because I needed a bigger
pommel and more secure seat than the one in my
trail saddle.  Now, I've decided it's so comfy, I'm
using it on the trail too!  It fits us both
Here are our new saddles on the boys :o)   They fit great and after we got everything adjusted, we took a
little ride around the corral.  This is my first ride in close to a year, due to a back injury.  The saddles were
really comfortable and fit our “hard to fit” horses perfectly...thanks!!!!Kerry, Doug, Flashy and Warrior
perfect fit for me "and" my mare. Two days riding
from another saddle maker. I was sort of reluctant to
buy one over the internet but I am very glad I took
the jump and did it. I am an older lady and need
something very comfortable and this one is the
perfect choice.
The wool felt saddle pad I purchased for it works so
perfectly. Please tell the guys at the saddle shop for
me that they do an excellent job on their saddles
and accessories. .
Thanks again
M Smith
Just wanted to drop you a line with a photo of Flash with his Dixieland
saddle. We have been on two 5 hour mountain rides this weekend and
the fit is perfect. I love it and he loves it and we are both comfy. I wish
the picture had some sunshine in it but it is washington state. Thanks
Hello Cynthia,
I want to take a moment to let you know how impressed I have been with this
saddle for Cori. I have never before ridden in a western saddle that I would
truly qualify as a "close Contact" saddle. I must admit  that it actually took a
few days of riding to really find that perfect place where my connection with
the horse was perfect. Now I would rather ride in this saddle than any other
in the barn. The excellent workmanship is a testimonial to your commitment
to quality. The saddle never moves on the horses back forward or back side
to side and seems to give her the freedom to perform her already amazing
ability to gait even more if that is possible. I have had more success with
her canter work and lateral work. Thank you for the opportunity to work with
you and we look forward to do so again in the future.Jeannie McGuire Sweet
Grass Farms.
Hello! It's been right at a year since I placed my order for my saddle. I waited
anxiously for it and in Dec 2008, I received it. I had NEVER seen another saddle so
beautifully designed. I was in awe! Of course, with it being my saddle, I was a little
biased. :0) I didn't get to ride much after I got the saddle due to the busy holidays &
the cold weather. Then a horrible ice storm hit here in Kentucky, causing the entire
state of Kentucky to go under a State of Emergency. Now that's we've all recovered
& we have been blessed with an awesome summer, I am writing to you today with
my testimony and pictures.
I ALWAYS experienced leg/knee pain within the first 15-20 minutes of a ride while
riding in my previous saddle. I bought stirrup straighteners and that seemed to help
some but, getting off my horse in that particular saddle was something I had to do
on a regular basis in order to walk around & stretch out my knees. In 2008, I rode
more than I did the previous year and that's when I noticed the white hairs on
Chance's shoulders. I knew I had to find another saddle. I searched different tack
stores and sales ads trying to find a saddle that would fit Chance. With his narrow
build, I was not coming up with anything until I ran across your website and saw
how you fit each horse with your fit forms. That's what made my decision because I
would know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this saddle will fit Chance the way a
saddle should.
So now, it's August 2009, I've gotten PLENTY of time in my saddle. It fits Chance like
a glove. It is so comfortable. I can ride for hours and not have any knee or leg pain. I
don't use stirrup straighteners and I've never used the 'broomstick" technique. I
didn't have too. The leather in which my saddle is made is so soft & flexible. My
stirrups hang the correct way simply from me riding in the saddle. Wherever I go,
wherever I ride..... I get compliments on my saddle. I gladly tell them it came from
dixieland gaited saddles & I do believe my mother in law, will be purchasing a
saddle from you for her horse Luke within a few months.
Again, thank you so much for my beautiful saddle.
May your company always be blessed.
Missi Tomes
Hi Cynthia,  Just wanted to let you know Kiawa (my 6 year old Paso
Fino) and I are enjoying the new saddle. I never thought she
could be so relaxed under saddle!!!!  Thanks for your help, Scott
Fisher  P.S. All the 'boy' horses have NOW noticed the new wiggle
in her walk too!!! Ha! Ha!(:o)   
wearing the saddle I bought from you.  It is the most comfortable
saddle I have ever owned or ridden in.  It is the only saddle I have
ever seen that even if I don't ride for several weeks, I do not get sore
from riding.  Taz and I went to James River State Park, VA.  He and I
went on a trail ride that lasted 4 hours.  I have been on several other
trail rides with him that have lasted just as long or longer and traveled
as many as 11 miles on a ride.
Thanks for making such a wonderful saddle.
Betty Temple

Above is Shooter and Shakira, both are Peruvian Pasos.   We love this saddle so much I bought two. Debbie Huffman
I am still thoroughly enjoying my Dixieland Saddle!
It is wonderful! Wish I had put my initials on it
now!  :-)  
Thank you again for the beautiful saddle!
Take care and God bless!
Barbara Isborn
Dixieland Gaited Saddles, Inc
Old Amish Craftsmanship
"Featuring the Steele Equi-Fit and Equi-Fit
Flexible Tree
c/o Cynthia Wright
714 County Road 492
Lexington AL,  35648
Niki and Jazz after a wonderful ride!!!
Wow- what a beautiful view.  This picture is
worth a 1000 words, thanks Mary!!!
Shawnda's beautiful horse Calypso in his new saddle and
I finally took pics for you- love my
thank you so much!  Cindy
Hi Cynthia,
I've been meaning to send you a photo of Dixie since I got her saddle almost a year
ago. I keep thinking I'll get a better picture of her but it just doesn't seem to
happen. I LOVE this saddle. It is so comfortable. The only thing I would change is
little narrow and after all day in the saddle my foot started to hurt alittle.
The saddle is so beautiful and the quality is easily seen. Dixie seems comfortable in
it and it looks great on her. Thanks for offering such a good saddle at such a great
price.   Nicole
I just got around to getting a photo of my new saddle. I
have had it for several months now. I love it and so does
my horse. I can ride all day and feel like I could ride more.
It is so very comfortable. The quality is awesome also.
Thank you so much for offering such a great saddle for a
reachable price. After much research and looking at
many, many saddles, I have found no other that even
comes close. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  Dawn
Martinez and Bo
Here's Cotton in her Beautiful new Dixieland Butterfly
Saddle Thanks we both love it,Pam
they both fit very well.  We rode 3.5 hours in the snowy mountains and the mares were
both comfortable (as were we) and they walked out very well.  My Walker gaits at every
chance on the trail.  Tony
I received my saddle some six weeks ago.  Out of the box it
commenting on it.  I have now been sitting in it for some 40
to 50 hours and I feel it is even more beautiful!  It fits my
horse perfectly.  She has never had any evidence of
galling and doesn't mind being saddled.  I think it fits me
even better!  I can ride for 6 to 8 hours a day without any
anyone.  Thanks.  Rick Kamm, MD
picture shows more detail of the saddle and isn't covered with
my pommel bag.  I thought you might want it since it's the two
tone butterfly skirt.  I rode today for 5 hours in my new saddle
and it's wonderful!!!!  I tried the 3 point rigging and it worked
great.  Have I mentioned how much I love it?? My husband rode
for the first time Sunday and he said he was so comfortable, like
in a recliner!  He now understands why I love being on the trail
for hours!!  Rebecca C.
Here are the pictures of my
little Quarter Horse and her
new saddle.  It fits her very
well and I love it! Thank you so
much for working with us on
this.  It’s wonderful!    Andrea
Customer Pics
Click here to see
more Customer Pics
here!  It was like I was 8 and it was Christmas, I I
came home two weeks ago and my box was
hoped it would be.  It is beautiful and the I came
home two weeks ago and my box was
craftsmanship is truly superior.
I have been out twice in the saddle now, it fits
Red great.  The first ride was without the saddle
bags, we went About 15 miles across creeks
through the woods and up mountains.  He did
not seem to have any sore spots or dry spots so
I was extremely happy.  The saddle is
comfortable and seems to fit me equally as well.
The second ride was About the same for mileage
again with no dry spots or sore spots...  We went
with the saddle bags this time, he has never had
a set of saddle bags on before so it made for an
interesting ride.  He jumped a lot and every time
he came out of gait to trot the saddle bags
flopped on his side making him extremely
nervous and me very happy that the saddle fit
much better for us both.  I found that I was not
sliding around in a seat that was way too big.
Thanks again for your help and professionalism.
Sincerely, K Mathews
Love the saddle!  It is beautiful and comfortable.  Fits
"Butter", my TWH, perfectly.  I have had a really hard
time getting a saddle to fit him.  He has a short back
and is very athletic & agile.  Everyone at the barn can't  
get over how nice the leather is and how well the
saddle is contructed especially for the price!  They are
amazed.  I am using the enduro r rigging and it seems
to be working very nicely.   Thanks, so much for such a
great product!  Michelle & Butter
saddle is not only well constructed but is also
comfortable to ride in and Baxter moves so much better
wearing this saddle.  I had a hard time finding a good
saddle that fit my needs, price, fit/size, & light weight.
quality and price of this saddle. I just want to thank you
for providing such good customer service in answering
all my questions. I would highly recommend your
company to anyone who wants a good quality saddle for
their gaited horse.
Sincerely,Becky B
the saddle…I will send some better pictures
of them if you like but Bonnie and Zane
have been eating up the miles since they
received their gift via UPS.  No issues at all,
she LOVES it.
The picture is from October 6th, when I took
off work and rode for roughly six hours
through the Ozark National Forrest, this is a
water break on the Illinois River near Siloam
Springs, AR.
Thanks!  MHooper
with me on the purchase of this amazing
saddle, the craftsmanship is out of this
Cynthia, Thank you so much for working
world and it is the most comfortable
saddle Rambler has ever worn. Ray Q
9 hours in the saddle and not even
sore!!!!-  I LOVE my new saddle,  S.
Wanted to send you a pic of the saddle I got from one on the horse.
I love, love, love the saddle and I think my Scout is loving it too.
Thanks for a great product.  l. Tremblay
I have now been able to use my new Dixieland
Plantation saddle a few times on my TWH. It
seems to fit quite well. I did a 2 hour ride and
my knee that usually hurts after an hour did
not hurt. I find the saddle puts me in a more
balanced position for my seat and back. I also
find this saddle puts me in more contact with
the horse than my Western saddle did, and I
movement. I've done some flat work with it too
(which I normally use a Dressage saddle for),
and my gelding gaits well, and we can even do
dressage moves with it.
All in all I would say the Dixieland Plantation
saddle has the precision of a Dressage saddle,
the comfort of an Endurance saddle, and the
safety and relaxed seat of a Western saddle.
I just came back from attending the Mane
Event, our Canadian version of a horse expo.
Looking at the many saddles there, I did not
see one saddle that has the look, features,
quality, -and-  good pricing like my Dixieland
saddle. Wow! I think we need a Dixieland
distributor here in Canada - if you're looking
for one, I'm interested!
Attached is a picture of me on TWH Rollie,
riding in the new Dixieland saddle. The saddle
also fits quite well on his half-brother, also a
TWH but who is built taller, less stocky than
Rollie.All the best,Karin
The saddle arrived today and we are absolutely thrilled!
This saddle fits our Tennessee Walker, Wrangler,  
better than any saddle we have ever tried.  It is as
though is was custom made just for him.  It is the
absolute perfect fit.  The 17" is very comfy for my hubby
too!  Life doesn't get better than that.   We will be riding
tomorrow and I'll be sure to send some pictures your
way.  Thank you selling a top quality product.  We'll be
sure to spread the word to all our trail riding friends.  I
LOVE my new Dixieland.  Renee
Hi Cynthia,
I rode yesterday for the second time in the new saddle
and really loved it! It is beautiful and very comfortable!  
Here is a picture of our horse, Jazzmyn, modeling the new
saddle.  As you can tell by her mane, it was a windy day!  
The saddle is very comfortable - Thank you!Nancy
Hi Cynthia,
I finally got around to sending you some pics of my horse with
her new Plantation saddle from Dixieland!   This is Missy, my 5
year old Tennessee Walker Mare.  I get soooo many compliments
on this saddle.  I really love it and so does Missy!   Thanks again
for all your help and great service!  Fawn
I just recently started getting back into riding after a few bad
bucks, bolts, and falls.  I'm slowly getting my confidence back
and thought that getting one of your saddles might help.  
This is my first "real saddle" as I've tried a cheap western
saddle, several synthetic saddles, and a very expensive
treeless saddle.  NONE of them worked for me or my horse
Comanche.  Because I'm 45 and have severe arthritis in my
hands, I was trying to avoid a heavy saddle, but after lots of
saddle isn't too heavy and I can lift it up on my 15 hand
horse by myself if I swing it just right.  It's definitely worth the
effort for me and my horse.  Comanche used to swish his
tail, toss his head, and hollow out his back as soon as I
saddled up.  Not anymore!  He moves along with his ears
forward and a happy look on his face :)
Not only does it fit my horse, but it fits me.  It's the most
beautiful saddle I've ever seen, the quality of the
workmanship is amazing, and it's extremely comfortable.  All
of my friends have tried it and LOVED it.  They couldn't
believe that I got such an awesome saddle for such a
reasonable price.
You were so helpful and great to work with and I encourage
anybody that's looking for a new saddle to buy a Dixieland
Thank you so much for everything.  I will send some pictures
soon :)

Loni Eutsler
King George, Virginia
horses back well enough to see this saddle has resolved all the
non- fit areas of my Miller saddle.  I'm going to put it on him later
this afternoon and go for a ride and get back to you. The color is
Grace first (the mahogany saddle, flex tree, wide, walking horse fit), and his words were that the
saddle fits better than 9 out of 10 saddles that he has seen (and he sees a lot). He showed me how the
contact between the saddle and the back was even throughout. He did point out that it does pinch on
her shoulder a little, and just recommended that we watch for any pain there after riding, but overall
he was very happy with the saddle fit.
As far as Ruby's saddle, (light oil, flex tree, wide, walking horse fit); he said he loves how it fits my
mare.  He said was one of the best fitting saddles he has seen. He noted the name of your company,
and said he hadn't heard of it. I told him About the fit forms that you sent out, the pictures, your told me
he typically refers clients to a custom saddle fitter that does good work here in Utah. I told him that I
had researched those saddles as well, but they were too pricey for me (About 3000 or more) and told
I wanted to thank you so much for my new saddles!  I finally got
an ok picture of one of the saddles!  Sorry it has taken so long
new saddle.
Everyone that sees the saddles and friends that have ridden in
them have loved them. They always comment on how beautiful
and comfortable they are. I love them and the quality is
impeccable.  Thanks for supplying such a wonderful product!
Bubba after a 4 Hr  ride   MY KNEES AND
hr ride.....I was so use to wincing and
expecting knee pain every time he broke
into a trot that I caught myself doing it even
after I quickly found out that there was
NONE in the Dixieland saddle...that is the
first ride of any length of time ( let alone  4
hrs  ) that I have stepped down out of the
saddle and not felt knee and back pain
and/or experienced a lot of pain during the
ride itself!  Send my regards to your saddle
maker..he is a wonderful
craftsman...beautiful, comfortable...I'm in
love w/it and my horse was the most relaxed
I've ever seen him.THANK you, Thank you
for making such a quality product at an
affordable cost, I should have bought one a
year ago when I first found you.I can't
imagine the ride getting any better and it's a
brand new saddle!  CHERIE
craftsmanship! I knew it was going to be nice, but this saddle is like the Bently of
saddles! I have sat and stared at it all day....touched it, smelled it, sat on it. I am
smitten! One problem though.... Zero can't use it until he is done with training, so
this now has me searching for a second walking horse LOL! I have 3 I'm going to go
look at today! My husband is gonna kill me (because then of course I will need
ANOTHER saddle!)

Thank you so much for such a high quality saddle.
I will recommend you to everyone I know! and I will get you pics as soon as I can!

I have to say this saddle exceeded my greatest
expectations. It is beautifully done and very
comfortable. Feels as good as it looks. I really
think my nine year old Tennessee Walker, Spirit,
knows he is duded out with it and the breast collar
on. Here is a couple of pictures. One of him and
the saddle and one of me with him. I am also glad
we ordered the pad as well.

Thank you so much for your patience and
kindness,                                                    G Baker
Summerville, SC
nice snowy afternoon, on a Dixie Land
Saddle.  He wanted me to send this to
you.  He is so proud of his saddle, all he
talks About.  If Cherokee could talk I'm
your team did a great job.  I might send it
to Marlboro and see if he will pass for the
next Marlboro man, HAHA.   D Sossaman
I wanted to let you know I gave you a
glowing review after having the best 2
weekends of riding pain  C
Here are a couple of photos of my little girl Lady with her new
saddle. It fits me, and more important, it fits her perfectly. I rode
Sunday for About 3 hours and she was able to move out without
any shoulder interference. The good fit and the wide bars help
to distribute my weight more evenly. I have never felt her work
as smoothly and eagerly. I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you
very much! I will certainly send all my friends who need saddles
to you!
Hi Cynthia!  I can't express how much Mister and I love our new saddle.  It is so
comfortable for both of us. We are so happy with it.  Thank you so much again for helping
us find the right tree for him. We are having a great time riding.  Attached is a pic of the
two of us in the Canadian River, north of Amarillo. Thanks again. P.S. The Skidmore
Leather product is awesome,as well.  And yes, our saddle still has its place of honor in
the living room!  Cindy G
got the saddle and was impressed with the quality. I have put it
to the test on 3 horses with 3 different types of backs, on 2 of
them it fits perfect with the csi pad and the one with the higher
wither it fits good with the clinton anderson shoulder relief
pad. We also pulled hay with it a couple a times and it worked
great. Will send some pics soon on a couple of the horses. May
soon order another. From a new fan,
Sorry it has taken me some time to get back to you, but today
was the first time in a month that I was able to go out and ride
my horse, Chaser's Eclipse (Big E).  While the weather has been
wet and cold, E still has his winter coat.   I was able to put the
saddle on him for the first time and ride.  He has been very
fussy About saddles but he had no issues with this one.  He
was very comfortable and relaxed with it.  It felt great to ride
and I absolutely love it.  Everyone  I show it to, love the color
have made.  Thank you very much.  Now I need to plan for my
yearling who will start under saddle this summer.  I will need to
send you his picture so you can help me pick a color
combination for him.  If you are familiar with his grandfather
"Pusher All Colors" he looks just like him as he is a Bay Roan.
Hi Cynthia,  Jim and I went on our first trail ride together today.  It was wonderful.  The saddles fit the two Tennessee
Walker geldings,  and the horses were well behaved, (for being early April in Indiana.)  The quality of both saddles is
exceptional,  and so comfortable.  The saddles really keep our legs in the correct position without tremendous effort.  I
never thought, after showing hunt seat and dressage for 35 years, I would ever be back on the trail again.  My only regret
is that I didn't buy Tennessee Walkers years ago!!  Thank you so much for all of your help, Lucky and Shadow I'm sure are
very appreciative of a well fitting saddle too. We will definately share with other riders About Dixieland saddles.  We have
joined a saddle club so we will have alot of opportunity to trail ride, and advertise.  Kathy & Jim Sullivan
new saddle.  It's the most comfortable saddle I have ever
owned.  It fits us both like a glove and looks good too!
Thanks for the great service.
Virgil, Walnut Creek CA

I especially love those endurance stirrups! I would recommend your
company to anyone who asked!  Thanks so much, Tena
Tena E. Boyd, DVM
Co-chair, Ride for the Cure Virginia
Hi Cynthia,
I am so sorry that this has taken so long, but I've finally got some pictures of Jubilee, me
and my wonderful new saddle.  Use them wherever you want with my compliments.  Let
me know if I need to do anything specific so you can use them as an endorsement.  
I've ridden my saddle ALLOT and we're off to camp this weekend and I can hardly wait.  He
looks beautiful in it and I love, love, love it!  Thanks again
! P Turvey
Hey Cynthia its Brian from Ca. I final got around to sending you a pix. This is Kimmy,
Cisco and her new Dixieland saddle. We had just climbed About 800 feet of steep
vertical switchbacks. All togather we climbed 1500 ft in less then a mile and a half.
This trail is called the panoramic loop and tops out at 5300 feet. You can really see
every thing in 365 degrees. In a couple of spots we were literally hanging off there
mains. Neither of our saddles moved. It is amazing how many different horses these
saddles fit. We are training and working with some gypsy vaner horses that have no
withers and it even fits those horses. I think I just might have a couple more
customers for you soon. I will keep you posted. Brian & kimmy from Pioneertown Ca.
you many orders.
We LOVE our saddles. More than I would have
believed. Mine even fits my wide flat mare and
my high withered mare better than I would have
thought. Angel was having some choppiness and
it is gone. We just love them.
Best Wishes And God Bless you as well!
Melissa & Kelly
I tried out my new Dixieland saddle at Bull Pasture
Mountain Ranch last week.  I enjoyed three days of thought
you’d enjoy this picture of Karen Koback (and Spencer)
plus me (and Holly) at the top of world.  Look closely and
you’ll notice both horses wearing their Dixieland saddles.  
Dear Cynthia,
The saddle fits Mr. Cutter like a glove and he's a big boy.  I haven't even
broken it in yet and it's so comfortable to ride already.  I am so happy.  I
saddle back on Cutter again between showers.
Anyway, I have told a few friends who are also interested and looking at
your website.  It's so well made and beautiful and the best part About it,
it really fits the horse!  I can't say enough good About it and word is out
About your shop in our little town.  I'll be showing it off this weekend at
a team penning event in VT.Take care and thanks again it's been a great
pleasure working with you,
My horse and I both love the saddle!  In fact, Mary said it was the most
comfortable saddle she has ever sat in.  As you know, I got it for my horse
since he is sooo wide.  I needed a saddle that he could be comfortable
with during our long rides (in nearly two months, we will make our annual
ride of About 200 miles in 6 ½ days).  Your measuring system worked
perfectly and the sweat patterns after our four hour ride this weekend
prove it distributes the weight evenly.  I have sent some pictures:  some
in our corral and the last one is on our ride this weekend on the ridges
above the Verde River.  I too believe it was a real pleasure working with
you and will call you if/when we need something else.  Thank you and
have a great one.  JA
The Light Rider Endurance saddle seems to fit her
perfectly. I worked her Saturday, and the sweat and
moved well.  I loved the way the trooper fenders and
endurance stirrups felt; so much freedom of
movement to really ride! The seat is well cushioned
and comfortable, as well as very secure.  I’m glad I
went for the upgraded material in the seat padding,
because it was especially comfy.  The acorn and oak
pattern looks gorgeous and the Colomo Conchos
were the best extra of all. They add a lot of style for a
very minimal cost.  I can’t wait to take my mare on a
nice long trail ride on this beautiful saddle.  Thank you
for working with me to create my dream saddle
As promised, I said I would send a couple of pictures of the new saddle on
my horse Jagger.  It's a good fit as advertised and the quality nothing short
of outstanding.  I'm very pleased to say the least.   
My horse Jagger is a Rock and Royal Master Tennessee Walker.  He's a
little more narrow and weighs less than my old Walkers.  I had trouble
getting a good saddle fit from a number of different saddles until I tried on
one of yours.  I'm back in business now and he does just fine with the new
Dixieland.  Happy horse happy rider.
more Customer Pics
used the saddle twice before going, but I figured this would really