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I wanted to thank you so much for my new
saddles!  I finally got an ok picture of one of the
promise I will get a photo sent of the other
promise I will get a photo sent of the other
horse and his new saddle.
Everyone that sees the saddles and friends that
have ridden in them have loved them. They
always comment on how beautiful and
comfortable they are. I love them and the
quality is impeccable.  Thanks for supplying
such a wonderful product!
Here are a few pics of  my Paso Tio and I with my new saddle at
our latest field trial.
It is sooooo comfortable!  Love this saddle!!
Thank you,
David McCormick
Bakersfield, CA
quality and workmanship is perfect.  The leather has no veins or marks.  The coloring is beautifu8l.  The like
Circle Y, Imus, Tennessean, Crestride, and  Tucker, etc.  I definitely got what I paid for and then much The
hardware is top notch.  The tooling is detailed and crisp.  The burnished edges on the saddle's leather is only
found on top quality saddles.  The stitching straight and precise.  The seat is soft and a most appealing color
that contrasts with the saddle's color.  I love the felt fleecing - a most unique and expensive look.  I haven't
even begun to mention the perfect fit on the horse and the secure balanced feel for the rider.
I stopped in National Bridle today here in Lewisburg, Tennessee as it was on my way home from doing
errands.  I took a good look at their saddles.  The new "......... name removed" that is made by "who knows
who" looks like plastic leather - machine stamped basket weave shallow tooling, a vinyl looking seat and sat
on one just for fun.  It's craftsmanship was not much better and I would not pay that price for one.  The famous
"Martin Saddlery Marquee"  was not on the showroom foor.  I was truly disgusted as to what saddles have
become - or at least those saddles.
But when the UPS man came this afternoon my enthusiam for saddles was restored.  The pictures of my saddle
did not do it's true beauty and quality justice.  I was planning on it being my "work" saddle but it is way too nice
for that.  I plan on getting several pictures of the saddle and pictures of it on Mojo and will email them to you
and also compose another write up on the DIXIELAND.  In a nut shell:  this is my 3rd Dixieland and they are all
perfect in the fit of the gaited horse - comfort for the rider - quality workmanship - great looks - and a great
value in today's world.
Well I could go on and on but I need to go downstairs to my living room and admire my new Dixieland again.  I
just can't wait to show this beautiful baby off on the trail.  Yea - Ha Cynthia - you make the best gaited saddle of
all.  Thank you so much.  Lisa at Evening Shade Farm
the saddle I bought for you.  It fits both of my horses
really well – and this weekend I took Rocky out for a 3
hour ride and we both were very comfortable.   The first
2 pictures are of Rocky and the last picture is Bull.  
Thanks again for helping me through the process, and I’
m really enjoying the saddle !

Tennessee Walker mare...you were so prompt in of winter
which NEVER seemed as tho it would EVER come to an
end!! It's only been in the last two weeks that the trails
are starting to dry out for riding.

I want to thank you for ALL your help in the ordering
process; the templates for saddle fit are great and you
really helped me in making decisions About style.

I love the saddle!! It is extremely comfortable for me and
the way my mare moves out I know it's very comfortable
for her as well!!  Thanks again!!  

Hi Cynthia, I never did get back to you with pics of my
TWH Chester in the wonderful saddle I bought from you
last November.  These were taken in February, so he
still has a pretty good winter coat.  I use this saddle on
my new SSH Spencer too, and I have a couple of pics of
him in it also.  Everyone loves this saddle and asks
where I got it, so I hope you get an order from them
someday.  Karen
Well I rode in my new saddle this weekend.  We went for About 3.5
hours, and I have to say that is one comfortable saddle.  Once I got
the saddle on my mare, I was able to see the flatter seat.  I have I was
a bit apprehensive, ordering a saddle that had never been fitted to
my mares back, nor being able to examine the quality beforehand.   
What an awesome thrill to not only buy a saddle that is made with
quality leather, professional stitching and tooling, but to whisk off the
you of the fit forms . . . but you did.  I have a few friends that have
been eyeing you saddles on line but didn't have the courage to take
the plunge without seeing the product first.  They are also thrilled
with the beautiful saddle that fits my MFT.  Thank you for your
patience with me and bless you for not only the saddle fitting service,
but for offering such a quality saddle for such a reasonable price.  
Now that I have had my saddle for several months, I
wanted to let you know how much I love it.  It is
everything I wanted in a saddle.  I had been looking for
some time for a saddle to fit my hard to fit Rocky
Mountain horse.  It fits perfectly and has improved his
gait under saddle.  I wanted to see how the saddle
worked before I purchased the breast collar and pad...  
with the fit and comfort for both me and Sparky.  I have
had many compliments on the beautiful quality and
workmanship.  I recommend your saddles to anyone
looking for a gaited saddle.   Thanks you for making my
riding experience more enjoyable.  Bonnie and Sparky
Hi Cynthia~Forgot that I hadn't sent any photo of Brandy in her
saddle, so here it is (two views). Just need matching saddlebags and
saddle, so here it is (two views). Just need matching saddlebags and
we're set!  She's starting to get fat, just been toooo hot for her or us
to want to exercise.GREAT saddle. Beautiful, comfy, and fits the kids
and me well. Love it!Vikki Mundy

Cynthia - After all this time I'm finally sending you some pictures
of my horse Comanche wearing his awesome Dixieland saddle.  
I love it, he loves it, and everybody who has seen it or sat on it
loves it.    A few weeks ago some friends and I had a "play day"
with our horses doing crazy games and obstacle courses.  I was
in the saddle for About 4 hours and never got sore.  Comanche
was a happy horse too.  No head tossing, tail swishing, or
anything.  Thanks again for making us both very happy :)
Hi Cynthia, sorry it has taken so long to send you pictures of my saddle on my horse. I absolutely love
riding in my saddle. I rode for almost 3 hours today and was not sore at all. I feel very comfortable and
secure on the trail and my horse is comfortable with it too. I would definitely recommend your saddles
to anyone.Thanks again,  Michelle Autry, RN
Dixieland saddle. I'm so glad that I ordered the extra
padding and the endurance stirrups. The saddle and
accessories are beautiful...I love the mahogany and
black. I have received many compliments on the
saddle.  The saddle fits the horse very well, and she
seems to be much more comfortable now.
I also would like to thank you for your patience while I
was making decisions and I'd also like to thank you for
your prompt replies to my many questions during the
process.  I am attaching some photos of Minyana in her
new saddle. :-)  Thanks so much for everything!
Hi Cynthia -Got a chance to try out the saddle
today. Looks beautiful, very pleased with the
way it turned out. Seems to fit Mojo just right,
and it's VERY comfortable.Best regards,
saddle.  I put my Springer bow balance stirrups on it
purchased from National Bridle.  They work great with
the saddle.  I am surprised that you don’t supply them.  
The saddle is beautiful and it fits perfectly.  I highly
recommend the Fit To Be Seen system.  My horse is
extremely hard to fit so if it works for him it will work for
anyone.  The saddle is so much better than my Imus 4-
Beat saddle and it was several hundred dollars less in
price.  It is lighter and the ride is more balanced.  The
leather in the saddle is very high quality and so soft that
it felt great the first time I used it.  I agree with you that
the extra seat padding is as comfortable as the
Supracore and it is also less expensive.

It was a wonderful experience working with you.  You
can be sure if I ever need another saddle, I will come to
you.  I don’t know why anyone would purchase an off the
rack saddle when they can get a custom fit saddle from
you for less money.
Karen Anderson
I am so glad i did my research About saddles, fitting saddles and horses comforts in saddles.  Dixieland saddles are the
year to us also, I won't go anywhere else to have my horses fitted and sized for saddles.
I can ride for hours from leisurely trail riding to compeition riding, neither myself or my horses has ever been sore, or
uncomfortable with our Dixieland saddles.  Our friends have sat in our Dixieland saddles and say that the comfort of
the saddles isn't like anything they have felt or experienced before either.
I am one that can change my mind About things a dozen times, and let me tell you, I think Cynthia has the patients and
understandings of a saint when it comes to those personalized touches that anyone would want on a saddle.  It takes
time to read all the cool things that are offered at Dixieland, but it seems unlimited to what anyone would want or need
in their own personal saddles, styles, or riding disciplines.  
There is no company like Dixieland when it comes to comfortable riding, or very personal attention given in developing
that perfect saddle for me and my horses. My saddles even after a year still look new, and i ride every week, all year
long and often.  Thank you so much, dee gonzales    silsbee texas
Here is Cisco with his new comfy saddle. He works great in it
and my buns love out, stirrup turners are wonderful.
Cheryl Nelson
Prairiewinds Balanced Barefoot Hoof Care
I finally got some pictures today of Country Boy with
his new saddle! He is really dirty (Georgia red clay) but
you can at least see how his saddle and tack fit him.
The saddle fits much better than the other one. It
makes a huge difference. I'm sure it feels much better
to him too!
Merry Christmas   Hereis a photo of Lenny sporting his new
saddle   This is the 16" plantation saddle.  Unfortunately
after the ride he chewed up his christmas hat    b
Just wanted to send you a pic of Dreamer in his new
saddle.  Dreamer is shaping up to be a fine horse.  
Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy
2012.  PK and Dreamer
breastplate  came and I fell in love. I was so happy when I
ordered it....But even more so when it arrived and I saw the
to do some long rides when the weather gets better!It is the
most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in.  I have a new
bridle in my future too, Thanks also for the great
communication through the process. Here is a picture of
Beauty! she looks awesome with her new tack on. Merry
Christmas. Meg
Cynthia- We have just returned from a camping &
riding trip with some great friends. It was wonderful
weather and the first time Mike has had a chance to
ride in his new saddle. After we all got saddled up we
were off and riding. Mike enjoyed the ride very much
& the new saddle was truly awesome. We had lots of
compliments on the Dixieland Saddle,and it is so
beautiful! Looks like we need to start working on
mine! Thanks for all your wonderful assistance on
this beautifully crafted saddle &  I look forward to
talking to you real soon. Thanks again, Pat & Mike
both think it is just gorgeous.  Jim was so Hi
Cynthia, Jim's saddle arrived today.  We
impressed.  I brifly rode Lucky for the first
time with the new saddle.  He was pretty
fresh, but a good boy.  He hasn't been
touched for 7 months, and I have pumped
pleased with him.  I really had to
concentrate on riding today, and controlling
Lucky,  but the saddle felt great, both
comfortable and balanced, and it isn't even
my saddle...  Jim has never sat in a western
saddle, but he thought it was a really good
fit, and he said he felt quite comfortable for
being a  beginner rider.  I lead Lucky so Jim
can concentrate on how to ride and listen
to my instruction.  Thanks so much!!!!  Kathy
Took the first ride in 15 months. Gambler
likes the fit , and I did not have any major
pains after.(No Kneeseals) The saddle is
reallyimpressive.   We will be ordering
another in the near future for my
wife. I would highly recommend your
saddles to anyone. Capt Chuck
Hi Cynthia,The weather up here has been so nice that I was
able to get out and really ride Trinity for 2 hours on Saturday. I
am so pleased with our new saddle. Tri moves so nicely in it
and I am so comfortable. I have never felt so connected to him
in any other saddle. I also didn't get sore in the knees like I
usually do. The saddle is just beautiful. I'm so happy that I found
your company and will be recomending you to other people
who are looking for a new saddle. Sorry that Tri looks so
shaggy, it is March here in Minnesota.☺

Another thrilled customer! THanks for your help!
Susan Ochoa
was worried because of my short stature that the stirrups would be too long, as they are in almost every other
saddle I've had. But you made sure they where not & they fit perfectly.
I've been telling everyone About it & where I got it. I've even shared it with my FB friends. And when I buy
another, I know exactly where to go.
Thank you Cynthia for your profesionalism & patience with my questions & concerns. You may use my pic & or
this letter as a recomendation.Thanks again,Betina
We took the horses for the weekend to the mountains
riding and we rode over 6 hours both days and I wasn't
sore at all and Aspen really was gaiting nicely.  I think the
the seat was the winning combination!  I had my friend
ride in the saddle for a little while the other day in the
arena and he couldn't believe how easy it was for him to
picture from this weekend just for you to see, I will wait
until I get my new bridle and take  one for you to put on
your website.  Cindy
I am finally getting around to sending you a picture of Joe with
his new Light Rider saddle. We have logged quite a few miles
pleased with the quality and how well it fits my horse. It looks
great on him, too! I ordered the wool pad and I really like the
way it stays in place, no slipping, and is very comfortable for
Joe’s back. I am looking forward to trail riding many more years
in my saddle.Thanks,Terri Mielke
don't get the pics, check out my facebook time wall.
love my saddle!!!!!   I didn't tie it like you said, but it
no pinching and room for movement!
love working with you Cynthia!!!  Your the best!
Loving the saddle.
Hope you like the pictures. Feel free to use
them on your Facebook etc.  Thanks again for
everything! Lynne
just wanted to let you
saddle...we both love
it!  It fits her better
than anything else I
have had on her and I
am finally achieving
the gait that I know
she was bred to do.  
She used to "baby a
beautiful running walk
with looseness and
balance.  The tree
really does loosen her
shoulders.  Thank you
for your help in
recommended it to
Kaye, Johnstown, NY
belated response. It is
so comfy and Rambo
seems to like it too ;).  
I will try to get a better
pic when he is
CLEAN!!!  He
apparently wants to be
a chestnut LOL!!
We both love it!  And I have two cousins who after
watch it closely.  I appreciate the quality work on it,
We both love it!  And I have two cousins who after
watch it closely.  I appreciate the quality work on it,
the comfortable seat and the the way my boy riding
the comfortable seat and the the way my boy riding
in it, say they want to steal it!  I'll have to seems to
move in a very nice, slow gait.  Just like I like it!
Thank you for all your help!  It was a pleasure
working with you.
I have used the saddle I got from you on my 3 horses.  Two
are similar in build and one is wider.  The saddle works very
well on all 3.  I find I do not have the saddle twisting or
sliding as with my other saddles.  I have had a few occasions
changes and I was comfortably positioned on the horses and
in complete control.  When the time comes to purchase
another saddle I plan to do business with you at Dixieland
Saddles.  I am really happy with the quality of and
performance of the saddle as well as the comfort of it.  
Please find enclosed a picture of one of my horses with the
After riding in my new Dixieland Saddle for over 4 months now, I cannot tell you how happy I am with it. Your assistance in choosing the correct tree and then building the
saddle according to my personal desires and the needs of my horse were very much appreciated. Tigger, my Tennessee Walker, seems to be very happy with it as well. He
place on all sorts of terrain allowing me to be more relaxed while enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. The fatigue factor is kept to a minimum as a result. I
also use this saddle when doing the Western Reenactments that we are involved in. I use the horse in some of the skits we do which require quick dismounts and also
use this saddle when doing the Western Reenactments that we are involved in. I use the horse in some of the skits we do which require quick dismounts and remounts.
The stirrup turners make this very easy allowing me to mount, find my stirrups and then quickly ride away. I would highly recommend your saddles (and I do) to anyone with
a hard to fit  or Gaited Horse. It is amazing what a properly fit saddle can do for ones overall riding experience. Happy Horse, Happy Rider...
Thank You Bud Hurn Yucca Valley, Calif