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c/o Cynthia Wright
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Lexington AL,  35648
Hi Cynthia,
I just wanted you to know that I did some pretty intense riding this past weekend in the Dixieland Bling
Light Rider with my horse Jazz and the saddle was awesome!!  I sent you a few photos in a separate email.
comfortable in the saddle.  Just wanted to share and if you would like to use any of the photos its okay
with me.  Love the saddle!!  Carol
This is the most comfortable saddle!!!!  Thank you ;).
Also has the breast plate on too!!  Happy trails, H
Love my new saddle.The saddle is beautiful I
just love the conchos with the black rosettes.  
Here is a couple of pictures of Aspen.  Cindy
I finally am getting some pictures sent of my girls in the
the one photo is of Miss E.   I am enjoying the saddles
more then I can say they fit wonderful for me and the
Thanks for all your great service.   Pam
I absolutely love my new saddle.  Have done
Drill, Show and Trail in it and spent many
hours in it
with lots of comfort for my mare and myself.  
Thank You So Much for making such a Great
Saddle!  Pat
We received our newest saddle and took it out for a spin.  Our
Foxtrotters love there Dixieland Saddles! When I first saw the
saddle my first thought was american craftsmanship. This
saddle is as good as anything on the market and a great value
always get lots of compliments on the saddle. Thanks again for
all of your guidance in fitting Sienna out.  Henry &Rochelle
longer now! No sore knees for me! My husband wants
one too.
Thanks again,  its beautiful!
Sue Earwood
I have been so thrilled with my new saddle
that I can't stay out of it long enough to shoot
you a quick line of thanks!  I get compliments
on m beautiful saddle every time we ride.  
right fit for my boy, and for me too!  I thought
you might enjoy a picture of us at Ft. Mountain
State Park in Chatsworth, GA.
Thank you again for such a wonderful saddle.
Regards,   Kelly  and Gouger
PRETTY"  It't the newest one  :)

She did so well I only had her 5 months before this

This is the show where Jenny Jackson asked About he
saddle and told me it was the best leg postion she had
seen in a western saddle.
Thanks so much for a wonderful saddle.
Hi Cynthia,  I hope all is well with you, I am finally
sending you pictures of the saddle on my horse.  I
love it and he is comfortable!  Everyone who sees it
comments on how nice it looks.  I have a friend, an
older gentleman, Bob, who has a couple of rocky
mountain horses that will be contacting you.Thanks
Cynthia,  Here's a picture of my horse Rusty modeling his (our)
new Dixieland saddle.  We're both very happy with the fit and
the comfort.  I receive a lot of compliments on it.  We spent 4
days of riding at Shawnee National Forest with no issues.  I
his beautifully hand crafted
Dixieland saddle which fits him
perfectly. I absolutely love the
2tone dark oil leather with the
black suede seat, it's
gorgeous! I get compliments
on it everywhere I go. The
saddle is so comfortable, I can
ride for hours and I have no
aches or joint pains  as with my
previous saddle. Thank you so
much for spending so much
time helping me choose the
options, I couldn't be happier! I
think I may order the matching
saddle bags next :-)

With much gratitude,
Jill Zawilla
I am so pleased with my saddle! It is
absolutely wonderful! I rode Rio, my chestnut
TWH in it for a couple miles. VERY comfy, tree
seems to fit him really well.  ANNA
Our maiden voyage!  The saddle is
amazing.  It fits both of us very well and
looks sensational!  Thanks again!!