Tradition & State-of-the-Art
The Ultimate Combination...

Steele Saddle Tree Company has a tradition of embracing the latest in technology, materials, and design while retaining the
best of the past and present. We don't do things a certain way because it's always been done that way. "That way" in our opinion
can always change for the better as we discover new technology and design to benefit the horse and rider. We have stayed at
the forefront of the saddle tree industry for five generations, totalling one hundred fifty years by combining tradition and state-of-
the-art in strategic proportions.  Since we do offer flexible AND rigid trees, we can give an honest opinion of the benefit of both
types of trees.  The flexible tree for the rider is similar to the shock absorber on a car.  For those who have lower back problems,
the flexible tree can allow the rider to enjoy hours in the saddle that are not possible with a rigid tree.    The flexible trees we offer
just enhance the already good fit we can get with a rigid tree.  For those who still prefer a rigid tree, we certainly offer those, but
over 95% of our customers prefer the flexible tree.  The flexibility for the rider is like a shock absorber that helps eliminate lower
back pain.  For the horse it just allows additional freedom of movement.

For the horse, the  Equi-fit Flexible trees attains its flexibility by combining a traditional rigid fork and cantle together with a state-
of-the-art foundation in lieu of the conventional bars and ground seat. This foundation, molded of a material similar to a rubber-
like work boot sole, allows the assembled tree to bend along with your horse's  while the rigid fork and cantle maintain proper
bar angle and spread.    You should not use the flexible tree to MAKE a good fit, that is why we offer so many different flexible
fits.  The flexibility is designed to ENHANCE a good fit by allowing more freedom of movement for the horse.  

...The Flexibility
The Equi-fit flex  is not a modified skirting system. Neither does it have the limited flexibility of rawhide covered saddle trees or
one piece molded saddle forms, both of which flex only under extreme pressures not created during normal riding. Equi-fit Flex
is designed to flex with your horse's movement, but does not change SHAPE so the width and angle always stay the same.  
This type of flexibility eliminates the pressure points caused by other flexible tree which cannot maintain their shape.  Our
flexible tree gives your horse the freedom of movement, but still provides the rider with the security of a rigid tree and weight
distribution better than a rigid tree.

The foundation is molded of a specially developed elastomer. This state-of-the-art material has a precisely calculated
resilience for ideal weight distribution
without pressure points. It has memory to maintain correct shape and retains nails better
than wood. The molding process ensures that every part is uniform and symmetrical. Trees are always square, level, and
without twist. The seat design recognizes and compensates for the differences in male and female pelvic structures giving
unprecedented comfort and support for all

1) Construction: Conventional four parts – fork, cantle and two bars. A rigid
fork and cantle assembled together with flexible bars. The rigid fork and cantle
maintain proper bar rafter angle and spread while the flexible bars allow the
tree to bend along with your horse’s spine.

2) Materials: Forks and cantles are all fiberglass-covered wood.
Old Amish Craftsmanship
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Classic Rigid trees
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