Dear Cynthia, I bought a saddle over a year ago.  I had the "Fit to be seen" first.  I waited this long before I wrote to say thank you.
For years I tried several saddles & pads, every which way, but not good. White hairs in an unusual spot. Then I found you on the web one night.  Thank you.
I have ridden for over a year in this saddle and the white hairs are gone and the pressure points are also.
I ride long trail rides and that is when poor fitting saddles cause the problem.  A good fit is a must if you care About the horse who is carrying you on an adventure.      Satisfied customer  
Chris C
Cynthia and! my new saddle is beautiful. we had the best time looking at it when it first arrived...exclaiming over every perfect detail. we love it and are so impressed with the
perfection and obvious love that went into the creation of such an excellent product. our peruvian boy acts proud to be seen in it and is breathtaking in his new gear. thank you so much for
the incredible work and the joyous experience of all my contact with your company. this was the perfect piece for what is, for me, the fulfillment of a life-long dream.  happy holidays to you all,  
It felt like Christmas...  O the saddle is so beautiful and the craftsmanship is awsome...I was almost speechless.  It was well worth the wait.  And just in time too...I get to
ride my horse this weekend, for the first time...  I am going to try and take some pictures of him with his new saddle this weekend and send them too you.. My friend will
be wishing she ordered one instead of the Crest Ridge saddle.  Im going to spread the word About your saddles, since now they can see it in person... My trainer wants
to ride in it too, he has a Tennessean, but I know he will like the look and feel of your saddles better.. Alot of people bought the Tucker kind and most are selling theres,
it doesnt fit TWH well.  Also I ordered some silver rosettes off ebay that match the silver in the saddle...It will look like im ready for a show instead of a trail ride...     Happy
trails to you !!!!    PS I LOVE MY SADDLE !!!!    Julie
thanks for the note. THE SADDLE IS W O N D E R F U L !!!!
Rode About 30" on Sat. and 45" today (Monday). The saddle fits ME perfectly & very comfortable but it sits differently than my other one (better). Translation: whole new set of my muscles being used (and sore
LOL!) We've just been riding at a walk because I'm feeling very unsteady at a trot - was better today and I expect to keep improving quickly.
But enough About me - you want to know if it fits my horse!  I checked the fit without a pad and the angles, spaces, etc. all looked good. After that first 30" ride (with pad of course!)I checked the sweat pattern and
it was textbook perfect. No signs of bridging, no dry spots that should have been wet, no wet areas that should have been dry. I felt carefully around his shoulder area and there were no tender areas and no "hot
spots". Hot spots are what I call those little areas where there is a slight warmth compared to other areas. They are not very tender and there is no swelling.  I'm very sensitive to being able to feel these areas -
most people say "I can't feel anything different". Everything was still good after today's ride.
He seems to be moving out with more energy and more head and neck movement (this is a good thing). So far, no stumbling for no reason (mole tunnels are a reason for stumbling.
After all the parts are here, I'll be sure and send you pictures
Hi; I just wanted you to know that this saddle is even more beautiful than I imagined; it is so well made and just absolutely gorgeous; it will last a lifetime I'm sure! IT fits my
gelding, too! We will definitely be ordering more saddles; one for my husband and one for my son. Thank you again, take care, God bless and I hope we meet sometime soon. Warm
regards, Nancy Cantrell
Hello Cynthia,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Dan for the beautiful saddle we received.  I have been travelling out of town, so I missed the day it
arrived, but when I finally got to see it with my own eyes, it took my breathe away!  The saddle far exceeded my expectations and the workmanship is
second-to-none.  I couldn't wait to saddle Sunny and go for a ride and we have done so a few times now.  It's extremely comfortable and I'm SO GLAD
I ordered the 17 size as it fits perfectly with that little bit of extra room that I like.  The bridle too is beautiful and they are perfect together.  The
workmanship, quality of the leather and the attention to detail is the very best.  Best of all, it fits her high withers and back like a glove.  I couldn't have
asked for anything better had it been custom measured and designed - paying a much higher price, I might add.
When we are ready, I will definitely order another saddle from you.  Again, your communications were excellent and I so appreciated all of your help
and advice.  I wish you and yours a blessed holiday season.  My best to Dan and his family as well.  Regards and many thanks!  Susan W
Hi Cynthia,
I just wanted to share a compliment to you on the saddle I purchased from you :>)
As you know my horse has had some real soreness and health issues, and trying to get him comfortable has been a real concern for me.  At his follow-up vet visit earlier this week I had my
vet fit the new endurance gaited tree saddle I bought.  I have less than an hour on it due to him being laid up and really wanted to hear that it fit him before putting any miles on it.  Well, as
the vet silently checked all the contact points, he turned to me and said....."fits like a glove!"  I was so very pleased to hear that, as you can imagine!  
Not only did it fit my 16.1 hand TWH, but it also fit a 14.2 hand PASO, who's own saddle, a Fabtron on a gaited tree did not provide the curve underneath to meet his slightly dropped back.
My vet flipped your saddle over and showed us WHY IT WAS A GOOD SADDLE, showing us how it curves to fit the contour of the back, rather than being flat.  The PASO's owner is
considering buying my saddle, and if she does, I will take you up on your offer to remake one for me with the silver lacing.  I will let you know, but mainly I just wanted you to let the saddle
maker know that his saddle made some points with several gaited horse owners in California!  So, I will refer everyone your way :>)
Oh, my horse is hopefully on his way to recovery.  My chiropractor has him back in balance, and the vet said his hocks had improved 90% due to the hock injections and supplements.  His
lumbar back and rump muscles are still sore and traumatized from the wrong muscles being overworked as he compensated for the pain, so acupuncture was done and he received 8
injections of B12 in those muscles.  He is laid up for one more week, then I get to finally begin building him up and retraining him to use the correct muscles by teaching him it is okay to
reach under himself.  I hope to see him lengthen his stride and be comfortable in his own body soon.  It is just nice to have encouraging news and A SADDLE THAT FITS.... finally.  Thank
you for your part in that!  Polly
I put my new saddle on the horse Friday and got everything adjusted.  On Sunday I rode it.  It is great!  Thanks so much for your help I am very pleased with the product,
service and the total association.  If you have a customer that wants a reference give them my e-mail. dhh
Hi Cynthia.  Just wanted to drop a note - You already know how awesome your saddles are but I wanted to add to the testimonies/praises.  We got enough break in the heat to ride
Wednesday.  Before that I had done nothing more than try my new saddle in my arena.  We went on quite the adventure this time - a trail we had not been on before, a little more difficult. I
was more eager than ever since I was using new tack.  
Cynthia, that saddle is soooooooo comfortable.  I really like the deep seat, the high cantle, the way it positions the rider.  Also my knees generally hurt while I ride and this time I had very little
knee pain.  The stumbling problem my horse had was completely absent on this ride - I can only attribute that to the saddle.  I like the balanced ride rigging too.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know.  I look forward to showing it off every chance I get.   Trish H.
I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the saddle.  My horse LOVES the saddle.  I have tried (bought and Sold) at least 6 saddles and this time,
you got it right.  The quality of this saddle far surpasses any of the other saddles that I have bought - they don't even come close.  We rode the day after
I got the saddle and it was the best ride we had in 2+ years.  I didn't enjoy riding much and hadn't felt secure in my saddle like I did on this ride.  I even
got on Sam the next day and did some exercises in the yard.  I thank you for your time and patience and especially your expertise.  You didn't have to spend so much time answering questions and
teaching me About saddles.  I will not own another saddle unless it comes from Dixieland Gaited Saddles!
Thanks again,
Alana S.
Hi cynthia,
My saddle arrived today and it is even more beautiful than any of the saddle photos on your web page!  I love the soft padded seat
and the silver trim and the fine leather, just takes my breath away.I will treasure my fine saddle for many, many years. I just may have more friends ordering when they see
it......The LATIGOS are on and are basket stamped, wow!  Do you want the ones Please thank your wonderful saddle maker for me  May God bless    Carol F
Received my saddle and it fits my gelding perfectly!!!!! There is no shoulder interference, nice rock, and it is slightly flaired up off his kidneys.  When something fits so well its impossible, in
good conscience, to put anything else so I would like to order another.....Anita in California
Hello Cynthia:   Just a quick note to say thank you for taking such good care of my friends the Foley's in New Jersey.  They love the new saddle for their gaited
mare and yes it has solved a lot of problems.   They like the BREAST COLLAR which you Included.  They also ordered a matching headstall a few months ago and are
completely satisfied.  I just wanted to tell you that I have ridden in nothing but Circle Y for 20+ years and have recently ridden their gaited horse in the saddle which
they purchased from you.  I was quite surprised by how comfortable it was to ride in and just wanted to let you know About it.
Many thanks,
Shari Allison
designed. I was in awe! Of course, with it being my saddle, I was a little biased. :0) I didn't get to ride much after I got the saddle due to the busy holidays & the cold weather. Then a horrible
ice storm hit here in Kentucky, causing the entire state of Kentucky to go under a State of Emergency. Now that's we've all recovered & we have been blessed with an awesome summer, I am
writing to you today with my testimony and pictures.  I ALWAYS experienced leg/knee pain within the first 15-20 minutes of a ride while riding in my previous saddle. I bought stirrup
straighteners and that seemed to help some but, getting off my horse in that particular saddle was something I had to do on a regular basis in order to walk around & stretch out my knees. In
2008, I rode more than I did the previous year and that's when I noticed the white hairs on Chance's shoulders. I knew I had to find another saddle. I searched different tack stores and sales
ads trying to find a saddle that would fit Chance. With his narrow build, I was not coming up with anything until I ran across your website and saw how you fit each horse with your fit forms.
That's what made my decision because I would know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this saddle will fit Chance the way a saddle should.
So now, it's August 2009, I've gotten PLENTY of time in my saddle. It fits Chance like a glove. It is so comfortable. I can ride for hours and not have any knee or leg pain. I don't use stirrup
straighteners and I've never used the 'broomstick" technique. I didn't have too. The leather in which my saddle is made is so soft & flexible. My stirrups hang the correct way simply from me
riding in the saddle. Wherever I go, wherever I ride..... I get compliments on my saddle. I gladly tell them it came from dixieland gaited saddles & I do believe my mother in law, will be
purchasing a saddle from you for her horse Luke within a few months.Again, thank you so much for my beautiful saddle.  May your company always be blessed.  Missi Tomes
Old Amish Craftsmanship
"Featuring the Steele Equi-fit and Equi-fit
Flexible Tree
c/o Cynthia Wright
714 County Road 492
Lexington AL,  35648
Cynthia:  I received my saddle on Monday, 3/8 and today I finally got to do more than a cruise around the neighborhood.  I went on a 3-1/2 hour ride in the mountains, and in summary, these
are my thoughts:    * We rode up & down mountains, through creeks, over rocks without a breast collar or crupper and the saddle didn't move.  It was exactly the same place on her back than
it was when we started.
* When I removed the saddle, her back was dry along the spine, and both sides were wet, but smooth.  My former saddles (treeless) would be wet throughout, but the ends of her hair would
be dry and 'chafed" looking.
* Usually when I'm saddling, she's a bit "cinchy", blowing up with air and laying her ears back.  Today was only the 3rd time that I put it on her, and she showed no signs of discomfort, and I
barely had to tighten it. She likes the 3 pt cinch!
* I loved the endurance stirrups and how my feet didn't slip at any time throughout the ride.
* She usually doesn't like to do a gaited walk - she'll walk and gait, but I'd really have to work at trying to get her to gaited walk.  Today, she was actually doing it without much effort on my
part.  I'm thinking with a little more practise she'll move right into it.
* I also really liked the Skidmore wax.  The results are instantaneous (and my old boots liked it, too).  Cathy
Hi Cynthia,
I got the saddle Tuesday and it is beautiful. I rushed out to the barn and it fits my mare perfect. I will send pictures soon. Thanks for making this such a pleasure. I have never had such great
customer service and quality workmanship in a product before.
Thanks again,  Rita Briscoe
was out of alignment and his shoulders and girth were extremely sore. He was always a perfect gentleman until I began to cinch him up, at which point he would try to bite and get away. He
wouldn't stand still for mounting, either, and always tried to bite your leg once you got your foot in the stirrup to mount.
He was more relaxed when I rode him a few minutes ago than he has been in the 4 months that I've owned him. He also offered a running walk for the first time. In the past, he's always trotted
or foxtrotted. When I took the saddle off, for the first time EVER, his ears stayed forward and he didn't try to bite me when I loosened the girth. I've never seen PJ so happy under saddle
before, and he had a nice even sweat pattern under the blanket.
Thank you SO much for everything that you have done for me & PJ! If anyone in Western WA wants to order a saddle from you, they are more than welcome to come and see PJ's saddle in
person. I'm going to give him a bath and get him nice & clean this weekend and then send you pics and a testimonial. :) Nancy and PJ
A very good Thursday morning Cynthia -
I got home last night and my new, beautiful - awesome - saddle was waiting for me.  I pulled the box into my house and was too excited to open it until I settled down.  I decided to wait and
linger over what was inside before digging into the big, brown box.  I fixed dinner and ate slowly thinking About how Foxy would look with this new prize on her back.  Oh, Cynthia, it was like
Christmas morning opening the flaps of the box and uncovering the plastic that hid this treasure.  The smell of the leather hit me and I new that it was going to be wonderful!  Sure enough,
there it was waiting for me to pull it out and put it on the saddle stand I had brought from the barn.  The picture on the website didn't do it justice, not one bit.  As I looked at the two-tone color,
ran my hands over the beautiful tooling and padded seat, I looked down to take in the wide stirrups with the turners and I giggled.  Yep, just like a school girl.
Tonight I'm headed to the barn and have invited two close friends to join me as I introduce this miracle of a saddle to my dear, four-legged friend.  Last night I brushed her so she shone
under the barn lights, razored her muzzle, and cleaned up her briddle path so she would look beautiful when the saddle came.  I wouldn't be surpirsed if she gaits around the ring with a silly
grin thing, "See what my owner did for me?"    Your thankful customer, Sidney
I wanted to tell you thank you for such a beautiful saddle.  Tears filled my eyes when I took it out of the box and saw the craftsmanship.  The cross was the perfect touch.  Please give your
saddle maker my heartfelt thanks for his gesture.  When I saw that you had added the easy turn stirrups I was just simply overwhelmed.  I didn’t get a chance to tell you but when I was in the
Dale and I agreed that it is perfect and fit Duchess beautifully.  She said Duchess seemed to like it too and for the first time during my lesson, Duchess was actually holding her tail up like a
flag as we rode around the arena.  I think she knew how special this day was.  I will send pictures just as soon as I get the last of this winter coat off of her.  I want her to look as good as her
new saddle!  Thank you so much for your craftsmanship, your customer service and your generosity.  I feel like I have made a new friend.  Funny how I found my horse and my saddle in
Alabama, by God’s direction and I am sure He is smiling.  I will tell everyone About you and point them to your site.  I think Dale might also be a customer in the near future.  She said she had
never felt so comfortable in a western saddle, and this lady is English to the bone – ha!  Makes me wish I had more horses to buy saddles for!
In His Love,  Terry H
I would be glad to tell you my experience due partly because so many wrote back to me this summer as I was searching for the right saddle.  Do
unto others being the Golden Rule, now it is my turn:
I bought 4 saddles in last 6 months, all were not the quality I expected nor did they fit my horse:  1 – Tennessean Saddle Fabtron from National Bridle Company (very poorly made.)  2 – Bon Allen used western saddle
(well made but didn’t fit my FOX TROTTER and not comfortable for me to ride).  3 – Custom Tree & Saddle Co. (they sent me a brand new one to try, and although it looks great on the internet, it is  HUGE SADDLE and
made of stiff harness leather, and takes a certain type of back to fit right.  Also, leans way back, legs way out front, not easy to get in and out of quickly.)  4 – The Trekker Endurance saddle similar to the Tucker, well made
but used cheap leather and nylon in places, but otherwise not bad, but fits really funny, needs a sway back type horse for saddle tree to fit good, more like an Arab type back or thoroughbredish.)
I sent the saddles back or Sold them.  
I then began to write to many people on ebay who were selling their saddles made by other saddle makers.    They were all selling these saddles for a reason:  They didn’t care for them.  Everyone was going to buy a
Dixieland Saddle because they had actually seen them or had a friend who had one.  They all said the quality was excellent.  Finally, I talked with a gal selling her other gaited saddle on ebay she’d ridden for 4 years.  She
had just bought a Dixieland and she said the quality was night and day.   The Dixieland was exceptionally made.
So I called Dixieland and she wouldn’t sell me a saddle until I tried all three trees.  I did all of that and sent many pictures of the trees on my horse.  I wanted the big gaited PW tree and she recommended against it.  After
a month of thinking About it, I decided to trust her and went with the D tree, non-flex, which is a modified quarter tree.  Well, I’m glad I listened to her, this is why:
When I got the saddle, which is buttery soft (I ordered the extra hand rub as recommended) and perfect, it had not once single flaw, not even the stamping was flawed, each clear and precise.  Also, I ordered very
specifically (which I would be glad to send you my specific order so you can see it.)  She built it perfect, not one thing wrong, every detail perfect, bridle and breast collar too.  
Now About the saddle and how it fit my horse.  Before I got my Dixieland Saddle, my gaited horse, Rambler, would not ever canter.  Refused to do it.  Only bareback would he canter.  Also, he would often stop in the middle
of a ride, like he was going to poop or something, but didn’t.  If I was bareback, he’d travel forever without stopping, so I knew it was whichever saddle I was riding at the time that was hurting him.  He loves to be ridden
and is not sour on the barn or other horses, but he acts it when I ride in these other saddles.  
The day I put on the Dixieland Saddle, my horse didn’t want to go home.  When we got back to the ranch, he turned and by himself walked back out to the trail.  And, he wanted to gait and TO CANTER.  I’m not kidding.  We
cantered a ½ mile without stopping and he loved it!  He even jumped two levies I didn’t see coming, just glided over them, never had done that before.  I can’t tell you how I cried with tears on my face in the wind at my now
happy-moving-out horse.  He neighs at the gate when he sees me take out that black saddle, no kidding.  He loves to be ridden.
I could tell you more examples but really I have to go.  I don’t know Cynthia personally, but she’s been very honest and direct in her communications with me and I appreciate her business-like approach.  
My horse is straight backed and Average withers.  His biggest problem was stumbling with his back legs probably due to my weight and his smaller stature.  He does NOT stumble anymore, no kidding.  I think the right
tree makes all the difference in the world for these gaited horses.  I’m glad I took Cynthia’s advice on what tree to get.
Oh, I want to say that I weight 220 lbs, and am a big boned tall woman.  My gelding is a stocky 14 hands FOX TROTTER.  Also, the Dixieland saddle is easy to mount in and out of, work a gate or mailbox, reach down and
grab a child off the ground and up into the saddle with me.  I say this because as a one-time polo player, I like to be able to move any direction in a saddle and work in it.  Many of the gaited saddles I tried have the reclining
type trees with too much rock in them and your legs sort of stick out forward.  I don’t want to be leaned so far back.  I want to be upright so as to move any direction easily.  I like the fact that I can work a cow or take a trail
ride and be comfortable either way.  And, as I have small sons on horses riding with me, I need to be able to jump off quickly in emergency to grab fallen reins for them or even to stop their wandering off horse.  So, this
has been a big deal, to have a saddle so well balanced.  I don’t want to feel like I’m in a recliner when I’m riding.  I hope that makes sense.   
I can highly recommend a Dixieland Saddle.  Personally, they could charge another $500-$600 dollars for these saddles such is the quality and workmanship.  I hope they don’t, as we are on a budget and my husband
wants to order one for himself in the spring!    Mrs. Suzan Doer
make a big difference in the horses ability to free up and move out like intended but the quality or craftsmanship was lacking. Others were very well made saddles but that quality
did not transfer to the horse where it belongs, I continued looking. I actually introduced a friend of mine to your website a while back and he did purchase a Dixieland saddle for his
FOX TROTTER. I was impressed with the quality and more so with the instant and very noticeable change the saddle brought in his horse.
I got my Dixieland saddle a couple of weeks ago and have really put it to some rough use. I am so very impressed with this saddle. I have been gathering range cattle from the
winter range almost every day and have used numerous horses doing so. Without exception I have seen a big improvement in each horses movement, overall attitude and
carriage while under this saddle. I was initially worried About the padded seat as I have never owned a saddle with a padded seat. My worries are now put to rest as this saddle is
very comfortable and "user friendly". I have been using an 8 year old FOX TROTTER gelding that I picked up pretty cheap because his previous owner said he just would not hold
difference this saddle has brought to this horse is almost hard to believe. It took About two good long rides to get him relaxed, freed up and MOVING like he was bred to move. It is
like he was so guarded and bound up from being ridden with ill fitting saddles that it took him a while to trust what he was feeling, but when he finally let go and let down he is now
a free wheeling beast that flat covers the country! This quality in a horse is beyond value for the type of work I do.
I am excited to tell anyone who wants to listen About how pleased I am with this saddle and will be spreading the word About the Dixieland gaited saddle.  Thank you for your
instant customer service, honest answers and most of all for what you are doing for the gaited horses we so love.   Wally H